Growing Demand for Instant Ramen, But is it Healthy for You?

Growing demand for instant ramen, but is it healthy for you?

Our world is exponentially growing due to technology. It has provided us with all sorts of machines and tools that is necessary for our everyday life. Also, food production nowadays became different than the old decades.

Not only food production became different, but our eating habits too. The majority of people now prefers fast food or convenience food that just requires a little heat to be served. A topic of controversy in our modern world is whether food products like Indomie or any other instant ramen products are beneficial for your health.

Ramen, or as commonly named, noodles is a Japanese dish which includes Chinese noodles usually served with meat or fish. Noodles are a little bit different as it just consists of, well, noodles only without any toppings or side food products. It is mainly served in a precooked dried packets with small plastic bags containing oil or flavoring powder. In addition to the packets, sometimes they also come in ‘noodle cups’ and requires just hot boiling water to be added to the cup to be edible.

Everything as usual has pros and cons so let’s take a look at them:

The Pros


Instant noodles are available in a wide range of flavor, like chicken and vegetables. This is the ideal choice for a fast delicious lunch or the best snack during your work break.

Price and Availability

Precooked noodles are probably the most inexpensive food product ever made, costing under 2 dollars a packet and when buying in bulk may cost under a 1.5 dollars. One of the best things about them is that these packs are pretty much available in every store or market whether local or a huge international food store, so don’t worry about finding one.

Cooking Time

Would you believe someone saying you can have a lunch in under 3 minutes? Insane right?! All you got to do is only boil a cup of water, add to the noodles and add the flavoring packets if you like it and in under 3 minutes you would enjoy a tasteful fast-cooked snack.

Looking at the other side of the coin, instant ramen can get pretty ugly sometimes. Here are some drawbacks of eating precooked noodles:

The Cons

Nutritional Value

A cup of noodle can contain an estimate amount of 830 mg of sodium. Surely when you hear the number you’d instantly think it’s beneficial, but it’s the complete opposite. High sodium content can cause complications like high blood pressure which can lead to fatal consequences like strokes or even heart failure and diseases. In addition, it includes elevated levels of fats or trans fats which if in excess can block arteries and cause the same side effects.


Some chemicals found in instant ramen can be cancerous. As it is mainly served in plastic cups, boiling water can react with the chemicals in plastics and cause delightful effects like prostate cancer and can sometimes lead to nervous system poisoning.

So after weighing both sides, instant noodles can be truly fatal if consumed regularly and in high amounts so it’s often advisable to eat it once in a while.

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