Electric Mountain Bikes, Hate Them or Love Them

Folding electric bikes is not only practical but also the best complement to those who reside in apartments with limited storage space. Since you can easily fold and carry it with you, it means you don’t need a storage rank outside your office or even in your car.

For instance, if you are working in a busy urban area where leaving your bike outside the office can put your bike security in jeopardy, when using a folding electric bike you can fold it and carry it with you inside your office where it is safe.

These electric folding bikes are gaining popularity just like the number of styles available uses. For instance, you can select a midsize folding bike for your high school kid or a full-size for yourself and within your budget.

  • What are the features of folding electric bikes that make them lovable by many?

1. It comes with high quality, rechargeable and a removable Lithium-ion battery designed to fit perfectly on the main flame thus making it not only easily accessible when folding your bike or for maintenance.

2. Lightweight. To ensure you can carry your bike without much struggle, Aluminum metal is used to make the pedals, handlebars, main flame, front sprocket as well as the rear suspensions. Additionally, the dick brakes with nine gears mean you can easily ride on a sloppy terrain comfortably. Note excluding the kickstand, it folding electric bikes weight approximately 40-pound meaning you can easily carry it.

3. Special features such as water bottle and cup holder, LCD system with a headlight that lights your way when riding on a dark path, and an adjustable speed thumb throttle. All cables are well attached to aluminum flame thus making then very strong.

4. It can move over 40 miles with a single charge since it has average speed of 30 mph. The main flame, front sprocket, and handlebars are easily removable thus making folding your electric bikes easy and lightweight meaning even kids can carry them comfortably.

7. A bike rack is not necessary since you can easily fold them and carry them into your office. These bikes come with a headlight, USB port, LCD instrument and a comfortable cub holder that ensures your water is safe as you take your ride.

5. It comes with a hub motor of a 500 W which means it can propel your bike to a speed of over 25 mph or above. The 50 -volt battery can ensure you enjoy a five-hour ride journey.

6. It comes with more than three flame sizes that you can choose from and also seven gears that can allow you to adjust your speed. The hydraulic disc brakes system, the Tektro assures you a safe ride thus giving you peace of mind. The Kendra tires are specially manufactured to ensure a high grid on the ground thus preventing any form of skidding.

The above features make the folding electric bikes the perfect choice for riders residing in congested urban or rural areas. Like regular folding mountain bikes, those are environmental -friendly since they use a renewable source of energy and this is why I love them.

Growing Demand for Instant Ramen, But is it Healthy for You?

Growing demand for instant ramen, but is it healthy for you?

Our world is exponentially growing due to technology. It has provided us with all sorts of machines and tools that is necessary for our everyday life. Also, food production nowadays became different than the old decades.

Not only food production became different, but our eating habits too. The majority of people now prefers fast food or convenience food that just requires a little heat to be served. A topic of controversy in our modern world is whether food products like Indomie or any other instant ramen products are beneficial for your health.

Ramen, or as commonly named, noodles is a Japanese dish which includes Chinese noodles usually served with meat or fish. Noodles are a little bit different as it just consists of, well, noodles only without any toppings or side food products. It is mainly served in a precooked dried packets with small plastic bags containing oil or flavoring powder. In addition to the packets, sometimes they also come in ‘noodle cups’ and requires just hot boiling water to be added to the cup to be edible.

Everything as usual has pros and cons so let’s take a look at them:

The Pros


Instant noodles are available in a wide range of flavor, like chicken and vegetables. This is the ideal choice for a fast delicious lunch or the best snack during your work break.

Price and Availability

Precooked noodles are probably the most inexpensive food product ever made, costing under 2 dollars a packet and when buying in bulk may cost under a 1.5 dollars. One of the best things about them is that these packs are pretty much available in every store or market whether local or a huge international food store, so don’t worry about finding one.

Cooking Time

Would you believe someone saying you can have a lunch in under 3 minutes? Insane right?! All you got to do is only boil a cup of water, add to the noodles and add the flavoring packets if you like it and in under 3 minutes you would enjoy a tasteful fast-cooked snack.

Looking at the other side of the coin, instant ramen can get pretty ugly sometimes. Here are some drawbacks of eating precooked noodles:

The Cons

Nutritional Value

A cup of noodle can contain an estimate amount of 830 mg of sodium. Surely when you hear the number you’d instantly think it’s beneficial, but it’s the complete opposite. High sodium content can cause complications like high blood pressure which can lead to fatal consequences like strokes or even heart failure and diseases. In addition, it includes elevated levels of fats or trans fats which if in excess can block arteries and cause the same side effects.


Some chemicals found in instant ramen can be cancerous. As it is mainly served in plastic cups, boiling water can react with the chemicals in plastics and cause delightful effects like prostate cancer and can sometimes lead to nervous system poisoning.

So after weighing both sides, instant noodles can be truly fatal if consumed regularly and in high amounts so it’s often advisable to eat it once in a while.

Recommended ramen products reviewed by Brooke Roberts.

Inverter Generators vs Regular Generators – Which Type do you Need?

The inverter generators are a truly proven source of energy that offers an estimated intensity measurement to coordinate the need for several electrical appliances powered by generators. Various assortments of generators are offered so that they can be reasonable for various applications.

Here is a part of the ideas regarding their distinctive assortments:

+ Convenient model: portable generators are well known for their external use, as well as they are used for electrical exchange requirements in the home. These generators can be used abroad, in the middle of development work and also in some other recreational exercises.

+ RV screen: as the name implies, these generators are basically composed for use in areas that include recreational vehicles and recreational vehicles. They are offered in various models and run on diesel and gas as fuel options and can also be used for outdoor exercises on your face.

+ Crisis generators: in the face of any crisis situation, a backup inverter generator guarantees that energy is restored to the devices, hardware and devices are chosen very quickly. This type of generators is controlled for the most part by diesel, fuel, petroleum gas and propane.

The moment a man wants to buy a generator for domestic use or for use in the middle of a trip or for some other reason as it is, it is interesting to consider the measure of intensity required for the device to offer the required power. In this way, customers can get a positive test of the gadget. With regard to home use, it is smarter to consider the energy required for heaters, refrigerators, freezers, microwaves or some other essential electrical device so that the buyer can choose the correct model. Or maybe, if a lower-powered generator is chosen, there may be a chance that the client will leave power despite the crisis period.

These days, there are numerous online merchants that offer distinctive models to meet various needs, regardless of whether it is required for home use, travel reason, office use, etc. The buyer can read the audits of several items that previously made their purchase. From these merchants and the various items administered, merchants are offered star rating so that buyers can make the best decision.

How it benefits the regular maintenance of the generator.

A generator is something that is regularly maintained in the event of a crisis. You will not use it reliably, or even every year. Therefore, it is unquestionable that it is not difficult to introduce one and foresee that you can dispose of it until you need it. This is not the condition, independently.

A large part of the crisis offers, your generator should know about a regular prologue to ensure that it remains in an unfathomable condition. The opposite of what you need is for your generator to be disconnected in a crisis situation. We should investigate the behaviour in which the benefit of the regular generator can benefit him.

– Reliability

All the motivation behind why you present a generator of strength is an incredible serenity. You must understand that when you need it, you can depend on your help generator to offer the limit of the main structures of your home. The problem is that, for a large part of the year, the generator of the fortress simply stands there doing nothing.

For example, the gas left in your generator tank will be confined after some time and will end in vain. A large number of individuals essentially end their generator when they present it for the first time, and then perceive that it will start a year later. This will not only prevent your generator from starting when essential, however, it can also damage the framework and require costly repairs. He would be inclined not to find that his generator needs repair in the middle of a blackout when it has passed the point where it can be solved very well.

In the same way, it will require an authority to verify the electric cables between the generator and the house in a regular location. Afflictions that are erroneously documented or damaged can trigger an electrical overload, which can damage the devices.

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Best Red Wine

If you are a wine lover, then you will find very interesting to know that consuming a small glass of red wine on regular basis is actually good for you. The key here is to be moderate about it, no need to have a hang over every day in the morning, right? Red wine has many antioxidants which lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and type 2 diabetes.

But keep in mind that not all red wines are created equal. Tannins is what helps boost health benefits in wine, so you will be better off drinking wine that has high condensed tannins. Tannat, Petit Syrah and Sagrantino are some of the highest in tannins concentrations, although Cabernet Sauvignon is also better than most when it comes to tannins quantities.

Follow these rules to make sure you are getting as much tannins as possible in your system:

1. Dry is better than sweet

2. Low alcohol levels are definitely better than high alcohol levels

3. The more astringent the better

4. Young red wines are better than old ones (speaking only about health benefits) this is due to tannins concentrations being lost as time goes by

Another rule, that doesn’t relate to tannins, but does relate to health benefits, is that you should always choose red over white; the reason is that red wine contain less sulphites (chemicals) than white wine because red is more stable.

Now, if the reason you consume wine is more related to taste, than health benefits; that’s a whole different story.

I would have to say that, even though there is definitely a list about which wine had the best taste according to wine testers, the thing about wine is that you have to like it to be able to enjoy it, so why don´t we talk about the different types of wine for you to know which flavor each of them has, and that´s how you will be able to find the best red wine for you.

Cabernet Franc

  • Flavors: coffee, earth, black olive, blueberries and violets
  • Best foods to drink with: cured and smoked meat

Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Flavors: black cherry, green olive, bell pepper, cassis, herbs
  • Best foods to drink with:juice red meat


  • Flavors: cherry, strawberry, raspberry
  • Best foods to drink with: rich fish


  • Flavors: spice, cherry
  • Best foods to drink with: roasted vegetables, and white meat


  • Flavors: spice, sour cherry
  • Best foods to drink with: sweet and spicy BBQ sauces


  • Flavors: plum, watermelon, cherry, strawberry
  • Best foods to drink with: hard cheese


  • Flavors: cherry, spice
  • Best foods to drink with: red meat


  • Flavors: tar, piecherry, plum
  • Best foods to drink with: roasted goose

Pinot Noir

  • Flavors: tomato leaf, beet root, pale cherry, cola, plum, blackberry
  • Best foods to drink with: earthy flavors (made with mushrooms and truffles)


  • Flavors: tobacco leaf, anise, pie cherry
  • Best foods to drink with: red meat and smoked meat


  • Flavors: clove, plum, pepper, blackberry, boysenberry
  • Best foods to drink with: very spicy dishes


  • Flavors: prune, raisin, blackberry, raspberry, black cherry
  • Best foods to drink with: pates, mousses, and terrines